What unlived dreams are waiting for you to take action? Would a dose of empowering clarity get you unstuck and on track towards making those dreams a reality? Cathartic Clarity is dedicated to empowering clarity through journaling!

Journaling has been the source of so much healing and clarity for me, so I created this community to support others who are committed to living a life of discovery and adventure. In the forum, you will find 52 original journal prompts to help you take life to the next level.

These prompts are designed to spark original insight into essential questions so you can experience more clarity and fulfillment in your life.

Sharing your writing is optional, and of course you are under no obligation to make use of a prompt if it fails to resonate with you or if you don’t have time. If a prompt fails to resonate, I would encourage you to use an alternate prompt such as “I really don’t like this prompt because . . .”

The free-form nature of journaling means that we need not concern ourselves with the rules of formal writing. Improper sentences, spelling, grammar, punctuation and the like denote that the emphasis is on capturing genuine insight rather than on editing. In other words, writing of all shapes and styles are welcome here! This site is not dedicated to the rules of writing, it is dedicated to empowering clarity through journaling!

Email me at care @caremycue.com with any questions, comments, or to simply share your experience of journaling. I look forward to hearing from you!

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