Week 52: “I am . . .”

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    I am deeply grateful for your trust, support, and connection over this past year. It has been an honor to create this space for us to share. Each time we put pen to paper and explore our life experiences through journaling, we always find a new adventure! Since glimpsing the nature of reality seven years ago, I have found journaling to be a reliable catalyst for heightened clarity, fulfillment, and joy. With consistent practice, journaling becomes a trusted mirror showing us more deeply to ourselves.

    I would sincerely appreciate hearing from you with any comments or insights you have regarding your experience with the original journal prompts that you received. Please feel free to write or call: and for those of you who live locally, perhaps we can meet for tea!

    Today while journaling, maintain a point of awareness on your breath. That’s it!

    This week’s journal prompt is:

    Week 52: “I am . . .”

    Week 1



    I am butterflies carried on a warm autumn breeze
    I am a proud African man, and the buzzing of bees
    I am fuzzy warm peaches and the afternoon sun
    And occasionally I am a cinnamon bun
    I am a small child, I’m also quite old
    I’m the last spark of warmth when life appears cold
    I am inspired, empowered, responsible, and free
    There is no one who loves more deeply than me
    I am pure optimism in the face of despair
    I am an ocean of laughter, gratitude, and care
    I am aware of the moment this story began
    And of all that led up to the dawning of man
    I am all of time wrapped up in this breath
    I am compassionate space from birth until death
    I am all of these things, and my dear so are you
    Although I can’t prove it, you must know it’s true

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