Week 50: “Standing on the razor’s edge of what was and what will be, . . .”

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    When facing a crisis, people have a unique capacity to zero in on what is most important in the situation. By default, everything else that is not most important fades seamlessly into the background.

    In the absence of a genuine crisis, things that are not “most important” can begin to stand out as possible obstacles between us and our fullest experience of peace. We begin making choices based primarily on mitigating those seeming obstacles, often without stopping to consider whether we might have simply lost sight of what is most important.

    Journaling can help us maintain a point of awareness on what is most important, allowing us to experience less stress, responsibly focus our energy, and effectively navigate genuine crises, all while staying rooted in our fullest experience of peace.

    Today while journaling, maintain a point of awareness on your breath. That’s it!

    This week’s journal prompt is:

    Week 50: “Standing on the razor’s edge of what was and what will be, . . .”

    Week 1



    Take 1 (Dark Side): Standing on the razor’s edge of what was and what will be, I wonder: What direction will this next step take humanity? Each single step holds tremendous responsibility. Each step contains all steps that came before, and clarifies a bit more of what steps remain to be taken.

    The entire history of time is recorded in each step, although I myself have personal memories of so few. This limited recall is for the best: I know, because this is how it is. Each person is the steward of their few steps. Each person taking humanity further towards its evolution or its destruction. It’s not enough to take a step because it is deemed “right” or “just”. Many beautiful, innocent souls have died at the hands of a righteous few. An authentic step reveals itself the moment it is taken.

    From our limited perspective, our only sane option is to trust that all steps land where they must: yes, even those steps that we would have rather not taken. Without that trust, stress greedily overwhelms our capacity to accurately discern North from South, and from there we either die upon the razor’s edge or step recklessly off of it into the abyss.



    Take 2 (Light Side): Standing on the razor’s edge of what was and what will be, I am filled with a deep fascination. I have just witnessed all that led up to my being here, but nothing of where I am going next. All the pieces of my life story make sense now in a way they never could before: even the parts I would have rewritten have now revealed their innate perfection.

    Countless paradoxes, freed from the tyranny of temporal opposition, now playfully dance around me on this razor’s edge. Oh! How mistaken I had been in my innocence! And what hardship I created for myself and others simply because of misguided fear.

    And seeing all the pieces fit so seamlessly together, I now have absolute trust in the innate perfection of all future events regardless of what may come to pass. I shall open to the fullness of life, for to close down is to refuse an opportunity to share my unconditional love for you.

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