Week 46: “I may not ever understand . . .”

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    We can get so caught up in the storyline of our lives that can lose perspective of where that storyline fits into the more fundamental stories of the universe and of humanity. That lost perspective greatly increases our stress level, which in turn can decrease our quality of life and increase our chance of death.

    When we can regularly take a step back and reconnect to a sense of wholeness and well-being, we are better equipped to compassionately respond to challenges as they arise without causing unnecessary stress for ourselves and for those around us. A regular journaling practice can keep us rooted in that nourishing sense of wholeness, allowing us to fully explore, experience, and express all levels of the story.

    Today while journaling, keep a point of awareness on your breath. That’s it!

    This week’s journal prompt is:

    Week 46: “I may not ever understand . . .”

    Week 1



    I may not ever understand why things are the way they are, or why some people do the things they do. I may not ever understand how all of this came to be, or what any of this has to do with me. I may not ever understand where this is all leading, but somehow I sense a deep perfection woven throughout each step.

    I may not ever understand how the deep heartaches of my life transformed into an ocean of wisdom the moment I stopped resisting them, and I may not ever understand how to best express the depth of my gratitude for this opportunity to serve and share. I may not ever understand how I will do all that needs done in a day, but somehow I have learned to humbly embrace the challenges that invite me to dance.

    What I have come to understand is that all truth is found in paradox, that there is nothing I need that I don’t have, and that I am always exactly where I need to be. That understanding enables me to respond with an open curiosity to situations that might have otherwise triggered unnecessary fear.

    Most of all, what I have come to understand is that understanding is largely overrated, and when I let go of the need to understand, I am able to most fully discover the true nature of this experience of life.

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