Week 37: “As this frail shadow fades in the setting sun, . . .”

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    Every experience we have holds valuable lessons for us to learn. Over time, as experiences become routine, we tend to simply “go through the motions” without fully honoring what it is that is being done. Our capacity to learn those life lessons then becomes stunted, and our experience of fulfillment fades as a result.

    Journaling can be that way too. I encourage you to keep your journaling practice fresh. Perhaps you could write at different times, or with different materials, or on different days, or whatever other ways you might think of to keep the experience of journaling fresh. Doing so will keep you tuned in to original insight so you can experience more clarity and fulfillment in life.

    Today before journaling, try stretching for a few minutes in whatever way feels most comfortable; step outside for a few minutes and get a breath of fresh air; smile as you begin to write. That’s it!

    This week’s journal prompt is:

    Week 37: “As this frail shadow fades in the setting sun, . . .”

    Week 1



    As this frail shadow fades in the setting sun, I am reminded once more of what was long ago forgotten. It is a realization of such enduring wisdom that all wounds are immediately healed. My lungs swell with the welcoming scent of home, and I float effortlessly unbounded beyond the known. Arms spread as wide as the smile upon my face, my humbled heart flutters from this experience of holding you holding me.

    I am not separate from love but am an expression of it. The alluring illusion of “two” wrecks such havoc, yet were it not for despair, I would have never come to know the true meaning of grace and compassion. It was the depth of heartache that made me a paradoxical blend of strength and softness, and as this frail shadow fades in the setting sun, oceans are made sweeter with my grateful tears.

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