Week 34: “In this space through which time passes . . .”

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    Peace is always available, even in the midst of heartache and pain. Peace is the very substratum within which this experience of life expands and contracts. When we expand our perspective to include this unwavering peace, a deep sense of serenity washes through us and hardship softens. Journaling creates a safe space for us to explore and expand our perspective, and to discover that substratum of peace woven throughout this experience of life.

    Today while journaling, shift your focus away from the words that are written and onto the miracle of conveying ideas through writing; look to see whether your writing has a pulse of its own; notice whether your thoughts expand and contract in time with your breath. That’s it!

    This week’s journal prompt is:

    Week 34: “In this space through which time passes . . .”

    Week 1



    In this space through which time passes, waves of insecurity rise and threaten to engulf me. At one time, these waves were the cause of much distress, though now I know they are nothing more than simple thoughts. And now I clearly see places where I hide. Each time I am faced with a blank page, I go blank inside. It is a form of worthlessness I learned as a child: like I won’t have anything worthwhile to share. And even if I manage to begin to compose a thought, often I can’t seem to reach a satisfying end.

    Could it be that floating adrift on an ocean of insecurity is a strategy I use to avoid going deeper? When centered, I know perfection is everywhere, even if a situation may not be ideal. And at times the writing which I find most weak, pointless, or irrelevant ends up nominated as being most insightful to those who are not me.

    In this space through which time passes, I see all the ways I remain comfortably hidden. If I only share things that I deem are worth sharing, I will die never having known what it is to be fully alive. So in this space through which time passes, I choose to dive deep when the waves tower above me; I choose to share when I’d rather shut down; I choose to breath, bow, and smile when wild winds rage.

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