Week 32: “Somewhere between lost and found . . .”

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    Often when dealing with a difficult situation, many people find themselves stuck turning the situation over and over again in their mind. This constant “tilling” interferes with our capacity to be present throughout our daily activities, making it much more likely we will react instead of respond when things don’t go as expected, further confounding our ability to arrive at a clear solution. Journaling can substantially help quiet our mind and allow us to see the situation more objectively.

    Today before journaling, notice 10 exhalations; look for that still creative space just before your lungs draw in the next wave of air; imagine the air wiping all dust from the lens of your mind’s eye. That’s it!

    This week’s journal prompt is:

    Week 32: “Somewhere between lost and found . . .”

    Week 1



    Somewhere between lost and found, reason and chaos laugh like old friends remembering childhood follies. There is no pressure here: nothing to fear and no need for hope. Wisdom compassionately adorns the elaborate mask of duality. Seeming hardship stands revealed as a symptom of affluence. Peace abounds as the substratum giving rise to this complete experience of life.

    Somewhere between lost and found, love softly hums. Can you hear it?

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