Week 28: “As my heart paints the canvas of life . . .”

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    When we are too close to a situation, we can experience great difficulty understanding that situation objectively. This, in turn, limits the possible responses that are available to us. We end up reacting the same way to similar situations again and again, effectively stunting our evolution.

    Journaling is one way to gain a greater understanding of ourselves. By capturing our thoughts on paper, we can then look at them more objectively and notice patterns of thoughts that limit our experience of fulfillment. We are then empowered to adjust limiting thought patterns as they arise, and get unstuck and on track to a greater experience of fulfillment.

    Today while journaling, consider a difficult situation that you continue to struggle with; realize that that situation contains the key to your evolutionary growth; explore other possible ways you could compassionately respond to that situation when it presents itself again. That’s it!

    This week’s journal prompt is:

    Week 28: “As my heart paints the canvas of life . . .”

    Week 1



    As my heart paints the canvas of life, difficulties are transformed into Gran Masters teaching me the lessons I most need to learn. Hardship disintegrates, leaving only the soothing embrace of liberation. Sorrow gives way to joy, as my body is lovingly cradled by the wisdom of my soul. I am safe, I am free, though it doesn’t always seem that way to a mind seeped in illusion.

    As my heart paints the canvas of life, fears become flowers and darkness becomes light. I fall to my knees, touch my forehead to the ground, and as I rise from my humble pose, my heart paints a transcendent smile upon my face, and grateful tears flow freely from my shining eyes. I am home.

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