Week 27: “On this beautiful path . . .”

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    Science tells us that our universe is roughly 14 billion years old. The unfoldment of the universe has ultimately given rise to sentient beings capable of contemplating the essence of life. Through deep self-inquiry, we discover that humanity is not a collection of individual selves, but is one vehicle through which fundamental creativity can become self-aware. Journaling provides us an opportunity to explore, experience, and express the fundamental creativity that gives rise to this experience of life.

    Today while journaling, maintain a point of awareness on your lungs as they expand and contract; notice how the expansion of your lungs mirrors the expansion of the universe; realize that the words you write are rooted in a story of life that began roughly 14 billion years ago. That’s it!

    This week’s journal prompt is:

    Week 27: “On this beautiful path . . .”

    Week 1

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