Week 26: “Do you think it’s possible . . .”

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    Are there unanswered questions that seem to hold you back in life? Not having the answers we think we need can often paralyze us from fully exploring, experiencing, or expressing our innate creativity and insight. At some point in the journey of genuine transformation, we come to a point of unknown, and that unknown can either trigger a sense of fear or a sense of adventure.

    At times like this, I find that questions are powerful tools for transformation. Today, let us celebrate the questions that transform life from a relentless progression of activity to a canvas for adventure and discovery!

    Today while journaling, take a moment to energetically hold any uncertainty that you feel is holding you back in life; breathe compassionately into that uncertainty; know that clarity often only comes after you have taken steps down a particular path. That’s it!

    This week’s journal prompt is:

    Week 26: “Do you think it’s possible . . .”

    Week 1

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