Week 22: “A softened gaze reveals . . .”

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    Identification with form is the most fundamental root of suffering. The good news is that this learned behavior can be transformed quite simply by shifting the focus of our attention away from ourselves as the “doer” of the activity and onto a creative space of curiosity about the activity. Journaling is one vehicle that can help us do that. A stable practice of journaling can heighten our sensitivity to the thoughts we think, enabling us to notice the very subtle triggers that interfere with an enduring experience of peace, wholeness, and thriving.

    Today while journaling, slip into the ocean of peace upon which waves of thought arise; notice the enduring stability of peace which precedes the ebbs and flows of your body’s response to thought; recognize that peace is always an option. That’s it!

    This week’s journal prompt is:

    Week 22: “A softened gaze reveals . . .”

    Week 1



    A softened gaze reveals what a sharpened focus conceals: perfection, miracles, curiosity, expanse, safeness, wisdom, and peace (to name a few).

    Too focused, and life can seem hard and unfair, daunting and random, heavy and at times relentless.

    But softening my gaze in a moment of seeming hardship reveals an opportunity to open, an opportunity to discover, an opportunity to learn that I am inherently safe. It reveals that peace is a choice, that fluidity is far more powerful than rigidity, that gratitude casts off the shackles of ignorance and judgment, and that the only real limits are the ones I create for myself when my gaze is too sharply focused.

    A softened gaze reveals the wonder of creativity, the solution to the puzzle, the miracle of reflective thought, the illusion of hardship, and mostly the smile, the peace, the joy, and the fulfillment woven throughout every breath.

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