Week 21: “In the rich fullness of both strength and sorrow, . . .”

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    Journaling provides us with an opportunity to consider our thoughts and feelings in a different way than we might otherwise we are talking or thinking. A solid journaling practice heightens our sensitivity to the type of thoughts we tend to think, allowing us a chance to consider whether those thoughts deplete us or empower us. Journaling helps us practice empathy, first with ourselves, as well as with others. After all, it is only when we are able to open our hearts fully to ourselves that we can truly open our hearts fully to others.

    Today while journaling, notice the way the words flow from the pen onto the paper; put attention on the feel of the pen in your hand; know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. That’s it!

    This week’s journal prompt is:

    Week 21: “In the rich fullness of both strength and sorrow, . . .”

    Week 1



    In the rich fullness of both strength and sorrow…

    Rivers flow and soft winds blow, oceans kiss the shores.
    A raging cry when good friends die, all I have is yours.

    Eagles soar in western skies, ponies storm the land.
    Salty tears form tidal waves crashing on the sand.

    Pitch black nights, blazing sun, frigid arctic morn
    Full of strength and sorrow, this universe was born.

    To innocence in search of love, the world feels cold and grey.
    Bowing deep to ignorance, wisdom leads the way.

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