Week 20: “Fearlessly opening, I discover . . .”

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    Last weekend, I attended a contemplative writing retreat with 30 other heart-centered attendees. The retreat host would lead us into a journaling exercise, and after, those who wanted to were given an opportunity to share what they’d written. In this austere healing incubator, the essence of humanity was brought forth for us all to reflect upon, see more clearly, and connect more deeply, often exposing and healing wounds we never even knew we had.

    In my experience, reflection, clarity, connection, discovery, and healing are the most beautiful aspects of journaling. My own healing journey has been deeply empowering, and creating this online journaling community was inspired by my sincere desire to support, accelerate, and empower your own healing journey.

    Today before journaling, sit quietly for a moment and see if you can open into that very first moment in time where the universe burst forth and began unfolding from nothingness; look for evidence of that continued unfoldment in this moment; discover how your own unfoldment aligns with and is supported by this universal unfoldment. That’s it!

    This week’s journal prompt is:

    Week 20: “Fearlessly opening, I discover . . .”

    Week 1



    Fearlessly opening, I discover . . .

    Hidden doorways, never closed
    Sunlit paths where soft moss grows
    What once was nothing now will be
    Home for my new family

    Open fields on which to run
    Virgin insights having fun
    Connections with both old and new
    And lifelong friendships, tried and true

    Adventure awaits those who dare
    Blaze a trail that wasn’t there
    It’s scary, yes, but soon you’ll find
    The biggest fears were in your mind

    And if you need a steady light
    I’m here for you and shining bright
    In safeness and serenity
    Unfolding your life’s mystery

    Tears of joy on hallowed ground
    What once was lost, now is found
    Standing tall for all to see
    Your actions sing in harmony

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