Week 14: “If my breath could take pen to paper, it would write . . .”

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    A common issue for creative people is the dreaded creative block. When we are caught in the spell of a creative block, our sense of confidence and clarity is seriously compromised, and we might even begin to wonder whether we will ever feel that juicy flow of inspiration again. A regular journaling practice is a great way to build structure into our otherwise busy lives, and showing up to do the work keeps us connected to our wellspring of insight.

    Today while journaling, notice any sense of aliveness, empowerment, and/or fear that might arise during the process of writing; maintain a point of awareness on your breath as creativity traverses the silent gap between one sentence and the next; when your journal response feels complete, take a moment to consider the string of events that had to perfectly align for that precise combination of words to find their way onto the page. That’s it!

    This week’s journal prompt is:

    Week 14: “If my breath could take pen to paper, it would write . . .”

    Week 1



    If my breath could take pen to paper, it would write . . .

    . . . of chipmunks bounding from their home
    . . . seen only by the garden gnome
    . . . of nature’s equanimity
    . . . in service to humanity
    . . . of skies that are not really blue
    . . . but look that way to me and you
    . . . of bird-songs welcoming the day
    . . . while ants build mounds in reddish clay
    . . . of all the things I must get done
    . . . once I absorb a bit more sun
    . . . of perfect stillness of the trees
    . . . despite them swaying in the breeze
    . . . of blazing suns and arctic cold
    . . . and solar systems new and old
    . . . of morning dew upon my shoe
    . . . and of my gratitude for you

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