Week 11: “To me in this moment, authentic compassion means . . .”

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    Journaling is a pristine gift we give ourselves. When done on a regular basis, we create an unparalleled space to reflect, deepen, and rejoice. Looking at our experiences through the lens of a journal prompt often reveals great surprises for us as we see how far we’ve come, how deeply we’ve healed, and perhaps where we still may be hiding.

    Today before journaling, take a few moments to reflect upon the life of someone who has consistently challenged you in an unhealthy way; consider the ways in which those challenges may have been the catalyst for positive transformation in your life; say a silent word of gratitude for those challenges, and if possible, for the life of the person from whom those challenges originated. That’s it!

    This week’s journal prompt is:

    Week 11: “To me in this moment, authentic compassion means . . .”

    Week 1



    To me in this moment, authentic compassion means listening deeply to those around me in equal measure to the depth in which I also listen to myself, my body, my dreams, and my heartaches. Listen, not just to the words shared, for words alone are clumsy and never tell the fullest truth.

    Listen instead to the intention behind the words, and listen not with your ears but with the intention of listening. Listen not just to the thoughts unspoken, but perhaps listen to the dreams unlived. Listen from a space of your highest possible self, and you will begin to hear only the highest possible self in others.

    To me in this moment, authentic compassion means responding to ourselves and others without fear of offending or exploiting. Authentic compassion is a response born out of sincerity and integrity: born of honoring ourselves in equal measure to the degree in which we honor another. It’s knowing deeply that we don’t have all the answers, and that some of the answers we have found are subject to change based on time and circumstance.

    In that light, to me in this moment, authentic compassion means bowing with humble gratitude to this miracle of experience, this miracle of perception, this miracle of connection, and this miracle of collaboration towards shared visions. By listening to the miracles more deeply than we do the words or actions of ourselves or another, we become a pristine beacon of authentic compassion.

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