Reply To: Week 52: “I am . . .”



I am butterflies carried on a warm autumn breeze
I am a proud African man, and the buzzing of bees
I am fuzzy warm peaches and the afternoon sun
And occasionally I am a cinnamon bun
I am a small child, I’m also quite old
I’m the last spark of warmth when life appears cold
I am inspired, empowered, responsible, and free
There is no one who loves more deeply than me
I am pure optimism in the face of despair
I am an ocean of laughter, gratitude, and care
I am aware of the moment this story began
And of all that led up to the dawning of man
I am all of time wrapped up in this breath
I am compassionate space from birth until death
I am all of these things, and my dear so are you
Although I can’t prove it, you must know it’s true

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