Reply To: Week 33: “Bowing deeply to the unknown . . .”



Bowing deeply to the unknown, perfection stands revealed and the realm of possibilities begins to stir. Seizing unfettered imagination, dreams run freely as far as they care to go. It is here where seeds of intention can take root. Nourished by the morning dew in the bed of dreams from the night before, it can be tempting to run for the illusive carrot floating just beyond my reach. But that carrot has its roots in the known, and if I chase it carelessly, I trample the unseen plants growing around me that, if cared for, would have otherwise nourish me along the way.

Timid creatives need stillness and space to feel safe exploring, though since glimpsing reality, nothing much scares me anymore. Life is an adventure, and learning never ends. While it is tempting to weigh options and list out pros and cons, there is far more going on than I can ever factor in. Best to just feel my way through the darkness, and open unconditionally to what awaits me there. The entire history of mankind is but a drop in the vast ocean of time, and in my short life, I have never traveled farther or seen more than when I am bowing deeply to the unknown.

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