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In this sacred space, a gentle wind chime dances with a warm summer breeze, and evening sunlight glistens off the ripples of the lake. All possibilities are revealed, and the only limitations are those I choose to place upon myself. Regardless of what is chosen, I remain free to explore what it means to be alive.

In this sacred space, where I am keenly aware of wholeness and the inherent perfection of it all, I know no harm can come to me. To share this deep sense of safeness with the world would seem ideal, but for those without ears to hear, sharing such insight would certainly cause more harm than good. Instead, I take each step with great care so as not to upset the tender young flower buds growing all around. They know better than I when the time is right to blossom.

And along this journey through space and time, I cannot help but marvel at the wonder of it all: the earth and breath which sustain me, the trusty form which carries me, the dynamic mind traipsing easily between rhyme and reason, and of course the boundless spirit which give rise to my unseen wings. Questions which had once darkened so many nights reveal at last their pristine light as a nightingale sings her soothing melody in this sacred space.

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