Reply To: Week 35: “When I choose the untrodden path . . .”



When I choose the untrodden path, I explore, experience, and express a side of myself that otherwise remains unknown. A timid creature who needs a good bit of coaxing to feel safe sharing herself with the world. When I choose the untrodden path, she has a chance to challenge beliefs that have no foundation in reality. I love to watch her face light up each time she realizes she has no cause to be afraid – each time she realizes that something she thought was real was simply something she made up as a child to help her feel safe. She comes alive in a way I live to see. A lifetime spent waiting for the moment she blossoms would be a life well spent.

And as she comes to trust herself more and more, there is less loneliness and fear in the world. She opens wider to embrace those bruised, battered, and war torn by life. Her compassion soothes their broken hearts, and her undying devotion to this life that is living her creates safe harbor for all in need of a warm smile, a welcome embrace, and unconditioned love.

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