Reply To: Week 50: “Standing on the razor’s edge of what was and what will be, . . .”



Take 2 (Light Side): Standing on the razor’s edge of what was and what will be, I am filled with a deep fascination. I have just witnessed all that led up to my being here, but nothing of where I am going next. All the pieces of my life story make sense now in a way they never could before: even the parts I would have rewritten have now revealed their innate perfection.

Countless paradoxes, freed from the tyranny of temporal opposition, now playfully dance around me on this razor’s edge. Oh! How mistaken I had been in my innocence! And what hardship I created for myself and others simply because of misguided fear.

And seeing all the pieces fit so seamlessly together, I now have absolute trust in the innate perfection of all future events regardless of what may come to pass. I shall open to the fullness of life, for to close down is to refuse an opportunity to share my unconditional love for you.

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