Reply To: Week 23: “Just beyond the known . . .”



Just beyond the known, discovery awaits. The unknown is not a location to travel to, but a place to come from. Dropping the pretense that “I know”, I enter the humble state of wonder.

Just beyond the known are insights into the true nature of reality. The unknown is not a place to get to, but a place that is never left. Trying to get there, I cannot succeed. By slipping into that space between thoughts, this world is new once more.

Just beyond the known, hardships become weightless, grief reveals expansion, sadness coyly smiles, confusion exposes wisdom, and loneliness transforms into highest love.

Best to just marvel in wonder at those deeper mysteries that at times threaten to consume me. After all, the mind cannot contain that which contains the mind. Step first, and understanding may follow. With enough steps, a path stands revealed behind me, and the expansive horizon before me invites a spontaneous dance with the unknown.

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