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The streaming sun upon my face reminds me of how utterly spoiled I am. I close my eyes, and in that moment, my will belongs solely to the earth, the sun, and the universe, to do as they please. And time and again, the pleasure chosen is to simply breathe in the miracle of this experience of life.

A smile paints itself upon my face as the “have to’s” of conceptual reality shatter, revealing tender new flesh: a new evolution. This molting leaves me vulnerable to the hazards of falling out of step with the implicit societal dance, but to live any other way would be inauthentic.

The streaming sun upon my face reminds me that this body is an extension of its generous light. Each photon emitted brings this organic furnace one step closer to its ultimate demise. The sun shares those photons unconditionally, selflessly, with no regard to its own survival.

Universal laws of gravity, force, and friction underlie this experience of life. These are not laws to be resisted, but laws to be opened to wherever they present themselves. To argue with “what is” is the most fundamental form of insanity.

My eyes are not mine: they belong to life. Lifting the veil of a “separate self ultimately alone in a vast astounding universe” reveals the true nature of reality. Standing back from an individual perspective of objects and distractions, slipping into the perspective of a vast astounding universe, I discover the golden thread woven throughout this experience of life. This is not my life: I am but one scale in life’s chinkless rainbow armor.

The streaming sun upon my face reminds me to press pause for a moment on this conceptual reality and allow the sun, the earth, and the universe, to breathe deeply using my lungs and to bask in the miracle of this experience of life. Wiped clear of all dust, my eyes become a prism capable of bending light and revealing the beauty of a rainbow spectrum hidden within each invisible photon.

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