Reply To: Week 48: “As the wild storm rages on, . . .”



As the wild storm rages on, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance, what is it I will choose? Will I choose to watch tv? Sit quiet in meditation? Shake my fist angrily at those in power? Cry for the children who will never know the miracle of biting into a ripe, wild peach?

As the wild storm rages on, there is no way to know if I or any will survive. Is the extinction of a species really all that problematic? Life will find a way, though the same cannot be said for this current rendition of humanity. And maybe that’s okay: after all, if our dominant social policies are patently baked in ovens of consumption and corruption and violence and greed, then perhaps extinction is for the best.

True, there are some beautiful and altruistic facets of humanity as well, and I cannot help but feel grateful for having known the simple joy of the full sun greedily embracing my face so that it can know its own warmth before it, too, dies. So what shall it be then? What is it I will choose? Do I keep my head down, do my job, and take my cue from our esteemed leaders who gift wrap their guilt in the convenient creed of plausible deniability?

No. I choose to learn hard lessons, take compassionate responsibility, and lead by example. I choose to hold space for those who are not ready or able to bear the full weight of their choices made from fear. I choose to bow deeply before the unknown, for it was nothing short of arrogance that has led us to this razors edge of annihilation. I choose to unconditionally love, for doing so is the most fundamentally human thing I have learned how to do.

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