Reply To: Week 47: “Unbridled on the open plain, . . .”



Unbridled on the open plain, I follow my passion as far as I like. I run hard and fast at times, drink from cool streams, and sleep under a blanket of distant suns. At the edge of bliss and woven throughout such freedom is a deep longing to connect. Perhaps I now choose to be bridled and learn the lessons that service and community also have to teach.

From this space, it makes no difference whether I am bridled or not. My spirit remains unbridled regardless of my circumstance. First play, then work, then play. First day, then night, then day. Each mode has its rightful place in the grand scheme of things. Oppression and expansion dancing freely within a greater perfection. Mystery reveals it’s secrets to all with ears to hear.

Unbridled on the open plain, my actions arise as a symbol of my deep gratitude for life. Each action: a sincere gesture of humble awe offered in service to this life that is living me. This is a bridle I cannot shed, nor do I want to. I wear it willingly, curiously, joyfully, and in that experience, the circle completes itself.

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