Reply To: Week 44: “From atop this pristine mountain, . . .”



From atop this pristine mountain, I have learned that joy is the substratum of heartache and despair, and that angst is a trusty vehicle that can carry us swiftly to the top as soon as we cease trying to escape it. Hold on: it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

From atop this pristine mountain, I know now that the sun shines even in the driving rain and even on the coldest night. When one is born under the cast of a shadow, there is no way of knowing that it is the shining sun that gives rise to darkness. When truth is realized, the beauty of the shadow is revealed.

From atop this pristine mountain, I see that the top is nonlocal. It is not a place to travel to but is wherever I am. To get there, I only needed to learn how to look.

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