Reply To: Week 39: “In the realm of my beloved, . . .”



In the realm of my beloved, a gentle smile transforms each trial into a doorway home. Seeing the ultimate reality of all things, seeing beyond joy and beyond pain, I embody the great calm which precedes attachment.

In the realm of my beloved, there are no unessential ingredients. There is a place and purpose for all things even if I cannot understand in the moment what that place and purpose is. Best to bow to the unknown, for in the final analysis, the ultimate place and purpose of all things is to teach me to bow.

In the realm of my beloved, benevolence abounds and feelings pass through me like clouds. Even if on the surface a feeling seems dark or foreboding, I am free to also see its beauty. Any turning away from this moment is a turning away from utter perfection. When something is fully accepted, it can no longer distort. Seeing clearly the presence of the entire universe supporting an experience of existence, I am free to fully explore, experience, and express the compassionate realm of my beloved.

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