Reply To: Week 36: “As I humbly take this single step, I notice . . .”



As I humbly take this single step, I notice the utter perfection of it all. Even the pain, heartache, and longing all arise in service to the greater good, and lead me more deeply into serenity. If this is the pain I am to bear, than I will bear it with grace: not as a martyr, not out of arrogance, but out of sheer gratitude for this experience of life.

If nothing else, this pain reminds me in no uncertain terms that I am here: that I am alive. There is air in my lungs and blood coursing through my veins: this is no small miracle I assure you! It may not be ideal, but it is perfect nonetheless. Who am I to tamper with perfection?! Oh, the liberation of the faithful cannot be known by those unwilling to humbly embrace the path that is theirs alone to walk.

With bold humility, I defer to divine inner wisdom, for she has never steered me wrong. Only when I have doubted her have I created undue burdens to bear. Only when I have chosen to place a third party’s opinion above hers have I caused knots that must be compassionately unraveled. Not this time. A decision made from the space of sincere humility is inherently just, but one must be very still in order to hear such wisdom.

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