Reply To: Week 31: “The pulse of the universe coursing through my veins reveals . . .”



The pulse of the universe coursing through my veins reveals seamless integration. There is no “me” separate from the eternal “I”. Were it not for the birth of the universe, I would have no mirror upon which to contemplate my reflection. Sentient life is as inevitable a product of this universe as an acorn is to the mighty oak. It is important to note that the acorn has no purpose of its own, but its very presence is inherently purposeful for reasons a temporal mind cannot conceive. Likewise, as a single seed of the universe, I realize there is nothing more required of me than to fully embrace this moment and all that it contains. Reap the lesson I am steeped in then let it go so as to make room for the next. Riding a wave to its conclusion, we end up as drift wood on the beach. And even though the drift wood has its place and purpose in life, my reflection more closely resembles that of the ocean seamlessly integrated with the pulse of the universe. Welcome home.

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