Reply To: Week 25: “The murky depth of the virgin pond gives rise to . . .”



The murky depth of the virgin pond gives rise to an experience of awe and humility as I contemplate this fertile womb of sentient life. The serene lily pads, nourished by the biodiversity teeming beneath the surface of the still forested pond, provide necessary shade to silvery minnows and a welcome retreat for busy dragonflies. A lotus flower rising gracefully above the surface of the water vulnerably exposes its sacred core in complete surrender to the evolutionary impulse that spawned this stunning demonstration of unfettered creativity.

This flower, this pond, this murky depth: without them, I would not be here now. In honoring all that this moment contains, I pay deepest respect to the divine organizing wisdom that gives rise to this experience and awareness of life. The lotus flower has no reflective understanding of its purpose here on earth, yet it fulfills its purpose flawlessly.

All of life has its place and purpose, though to understand what that purpose is, I must look beyond the surface activity and tap into that point of perfection woven throughout the chaos and apparent discord. The mind cannot contain that which contains the mind. Relaxing into the murky depth of the virgin pond which gives rise to sentient life, I bask in the wonder of unfettered creativity.

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