Reply To: Week 18: “After the final veil lifts, I will . . .”



After the final veil lifts, there will be no hiding anymore. A fun and heartbreaking game, this game of hide and seek. And all the times I just wanted the game to end so that I could at long last “know”, but really, what fun is that?

Despite my eternal glimpse, the world remains thinly sheathed behind this final veil. I know where true north is. I know that when the ocean surface rages in the storm, the depth remains enduringly peaceful and content. But to experience heartache, sadness, and perhaps a bit of trepidation from time to time is simply a gift of sentience, and to refuse such a gift is to refuse all of life. Humanity is the gift that Life gave to itself. I am not here to spoil it’s fun. Let it use me as it will, and I will enjoy this play of form: joys, heartaches, veils, and all.

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