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In this moment, I am deeply grateful for safe travels with my girls to my mom’s humble home. Excellent medical care, and the insurance to pay for it. This visit back in time, and the unique opportunity to see the future that awaits me. I am reminded that nothing I do amounts to anything except the love that I give that helps another feel seen, heard, and valued. I did not design this life that is living me, and in that way I belong more to it than it does to me.

(take 2)
In this moment, I am deeply grateful for sunlight and a gentle breeze, the ocean mist and the birds that feed. Life is a celebration or nothing at all. The thing we don’t realize is we can’t ever fall. In trying and striving we wear ourselves thin, but in bowing and smiling we can’t help but win. I do not know what this life wants from me. This very next step is all I can see. And so I will step, for what else can I do? And the love that I feel, I will share it with you.

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