Reply To: Week 15: “Listening deeply to loneliness, I notice . . .”



Listening deeply to loneliness, I notice the sound of my heartbeat and discover that it syncs precisely with the pulse of the world. I am not separate from the world, nor it from me. We/I am indivisible. This experience of life is but one arising made seemingly separate by the evolutionary wonder of reflective thought. Were it not for reflective thought, loneliness would not exist.

Isolation infiltrating every fiber of my being, tearing me apart from the inside out until nothing, nothing remains. And then . . . bliss! Released from the blinding angst of loneliness I see: Loneliness is simply one of the many gifts of awareness. As long as I see it as such, it has no power to take me over except in the most expansive of ways. I am one arising, and therefore inherently alone. When embraced, aloneness reveals the wings that loneliness steals. Knowing this, all that remains is peace, expansion, and the occasional bittersweet heartache that spawns celebratory tears of joy.

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