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The unyielding stillness taught me that the only things worth doing are worth doing well. To do worthwhile things well, I must take my time with them. Slowing down as I perform the ordinary tasks of my everyday life connects me to a wealth of wisdom and insight.

As I turn my attention to washing dishes, folding laundry, or even walking to my car, I can ask, “What is it this activity has to teach me?” Instantly the activity is transformed into a classroom ripe with meaning. The task, standing in front of the chalkboard, and I, sitting wide-eyed on the rug at its feet like an eager kindergartner on the first day of school.

The student and the teacher create the teaching. The activity learns as much from me as I do from it. Together we learn dynamic lessons of humble service, deep sincerity, and compassionate gratitude.

As the activity concludes, the unyielding stillness has learned how to both generously share and receive a wealth of wisdom. Through my uncompromising devotion, the unyielding stillness glimpses its stunning reflection in the ordinary activities of everyday life.

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