Reply To: Week 12: “When I let go of the need to know where I’m going, I . . .”



When I let go of the need to know where I am going, I am free to stroll amidst the wildflowers or enjoy the feel of the rain on my face. Only then am I free. The willingness to bow humbly to the circumstances of my life empowers me to step most skillfully. There are forces at play within and around me that know more about my journey than I ever can in this moment. Trusting the process, trusting my very next step, even if I do not know where it is leading, is the surest way to get where it is I must go before I die.

All of time has conspired to create this moment, and me as well, for reasons that have nothing and everything to do with me. It is not of my doing that I should be here writing these words: I am not capable of such a miracle. And yet, were it not for this “me” or these “words” that are written, this miracle would not have this space to marvel in humble awe at its own stunning existence.

Stepping beyond my wildest dreams, needing nothing that I do not have, leads me to this sacred space. Only from this space can my next step be a perfect extension of who I am. When I let of to the need to know where I am going, I arrive home.

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