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Here, the humble stillness gives rise to such wonders as wandering blindly through the winding darkness that use to hold such paralyzing fear. At times I see a beacon of light in the distance letting me know I am on the right path. Each time I find my way to the source, I discover yet again it was simply my own reflection shining back at me: and then it’s gone!

This awareness shatters walls, revealing paths never before seen: new adventures, though so many to choose from. At first I would choose the sunniest ones, but lately . . . lately it’s the steepest ones, the winding-est ones, the ones with the densest of forests. It is the ones that spark a trembling of trepidation that draw me into their embrace, for it is these most foreign of lands that show me most deeply to myself.

Oh! To lie with you in a sunny field amidst the wildflowers and dragonflies with no path needing explored! To laugh with you and cry with you and poetically whisper unhinging lyrics to a song that I sang long ago but have long since forgot! Demanding your presence here with me now is as futile as holding my breath. But Oh such wonders arising from the humble stillness here! And the most wondrous of all is the discovery that it is not I who journeys down any path, but the path that is journeying through me.

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