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Right now, the thing I want to share most with the world is the fact that I see you, I hear you, I feel you. You are my very heartbeat and life-giving breath. I would not know myself were it not for you, and for that I am humbly grateful.

I exist to serve you, even if you aren’t always aware, even if you don’t always feel supported, even if at times you just wish time would stop. The restless angst you feel at times is, for better or for worse, is a consequence of awareness.
Much like labor pains, angst is essential to the birth of an experience of liberation. I encourage you to breathe as life closes in upon you. Discover the smile behind the scream, the laugh behind the cry, the love behind the hate.

Choices you made, and continue to make, have a pivotal role in the circumstances you resist most. The freedom to make different choice is always available: compassionately waiting for you to choose it. Only when you are through settling for less will you be able to discover that the risks of claiming your place in this world do not exist. It can be a difficult lesson to learn, and it can create an experience of hardship for yourself and others, but without it, there could be no capacity to see yourself in order to claim that place.

Like the first aquatic creature to emerge onto land, the incredible weight of gravity may make the hardship of the cesspool you emerged from seem far more appealing. You may even choose to return to it for a time. I encourage you to keep exploring that heavy world, for in doing so you will eventually develop wings and take to the sky! Choose the wrench and not the belt. The only reason the belt doesn’t sting as much is because we are so used to its feel upon our soul. In a backwards sort of way, the feel of the belt provides a sense of comfort. It lets us know we are here, and lets us know we are alive. But there’s a far more enriching way to gain that affirmation.

As I like to say: we cannot fall once we realize we are the foundation from which it all arises. Step boldly.

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