Reply To: Week 4: “The hardship I am most grateful for in my life is . . . because . . .”



The hardship I am most grateful for is the limit on my time because it helps me narrow down my options to just the activities which feel most essential and most aligned with who I know myself to be in this moment. It forces me to stay on point, and motivates me to use this moment in a meaningful way. As a result, my days are meaning-full! As daily life encroaches upon the space I would otherwise use more creatively, I breathe deeply into that constriction and remind myself that this obstacle is helping me be more creative as opposed to interfering with creativity. That very art of awareness and surrender is the very essential creativity. With awareness comes ease and playfulness. Now as I do my “burdensome chore”, I do it with humble curiosity. I know that there is something I will learn, some way I will grow, some essential element to this activity that is setting me up for whatever amazing adventures lie just beyond it. I don’t have all the answers. I don’t see all the pieces of the puzzle or even the picture on the box. But when I am faced in this moment with hardship, I recognize that the activity is essential and that the only thing interfering with my capacity to find joy in this moment is my thoughts about this moment. The activity is essential: my thoughts about the activity are optional. “Surrender into gratitude” is a doorway to fulfillment in this moment, and it never closes. When we are able to see the door instead of the wall, every activity becomes a celebration and expansion of creativity, even if on the surface it may wear the mask of hardship.

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