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I feel most alive when I am writing something juicy, something helpful, something that surprises even me. I feel most alive when I have a moment of opportunity where everything feels possible and anything is likely. I feel most alive when I am talking to a friend or a client and to both of our surprise they arrive at a stunning insight that changes everything they thought they knew about themselves and life. I feel most alive when I am well rested and well nourished, when I am teaching someone something new, when I notice an interesting pattern or connection, and when I am learning something new. I feel most alive when I stumble upon an insight into the mystery of it all. I feel most alive when I see a hawk, especially when it is flying right over head, or if he is hidden amidst the trees but I notice him despite the masterful camouflage. I feel most alive when I sit down to a home cooked meal of steamed veggies and a side of rice. I realize that these experiences wouldn’t hold such an experience of aliveness for me if they were all I’d ever known. I realize that through knowing oppression, I came to experience liberation. I realize that it is the hardships in life that create the stage for joys to dance upon. Knowing this helps me open in moments of hardships, oppression, and adversity, making each moment meaningful: making each moment ripe with the potential to feel most alive.

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